Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Summarize my thoughts on Learning 2.0

This program as I have stated before in my blog was an enabler for me.

The goal of the program was to "help members of the Virginia Beach Public Library learn and improve their technology skills relating to Web 2.0". I met that goal as well as my own goal of learning how these technologies could be implemented in the Library 2.0 environment. Additionally, I had fun along the way!

When I started this training program I promised myself
  • I would not quit.
  • I would not allow privacy issues and "identity theft" issues to prevent me from experiencing and fully participating in each exercise.
  • I would register [divulge my name and email - shock!] whenever a site required registration for participation. *This made the training was so much more valuable to me because I actually participated in the creation portions of the exercise, not simply reading about them. It was hands on experience!
  • If I messed up or didn't get it - I would try until I did
  • I would finish the course -- and I did!!

I kept all those promises to myself and gained a world of knowledge and experience that I would never have taken the time to learn on my own.

One of the most valuable components in the training was the ability to devote time to it. Workloads are demanding. No matter what agency you work at, it is almost impossible to devote time to continuing education. Continuing education is something that is done haphazardly at home, or if you are enrolled in a library science or information science degree program, something that you do as part of the assignments. The managers bought into the idea that work time would be devoted to the completion of this training. This was the enabling factor that made the training doable -- it could be done at work and it was not perceived as frivolous or extraneous to "the real work" that needed to be accomplished.

Learning 2.0 is training that encompasses learning about Web 2.0 technologies and encorporating them into the Library 2.0 environment.

My take-away from this experience is that libraries must value the Web 2.0 technologies and apply them successfully in the Library 2.0 environment -- if we don't libraries will become irrelevant in today's information marketplace and we will lose our customers to sites and information brokers that can function in this new world of information. Libraries must also value training such as this, that enables our staff to develop the technological skills necessary to meet our customers information needs in the 21st century.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program's format or concept?

I think making it an instructor led classroom training may be of benefit. The class could meet in the ASLAB for a determined class period and timeframe. It could even be mandatory training for new hires, so they come into the library system ready to create programs and projects that capitalize on 21st century technologies.

Would I again participate in another discovery program like this in the future?
Absolutely without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sign me up!!

Good job Cindy and Nancy for providing this wonderful training opportunity - Thank-you!


  1. Congrats! You completed 30 things, collaborated with your peers and evolved into a Librarian 2.0.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for linking me in your favorite 2.0 blogs! :)

  3. So, you are the source of the flashlight quote!

  4. Love the cat and the cattitude!! Congratulations on finishing and I've really enjoyed reading your blog!


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