Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Discover YouTube

I decided to search "library cats" to see what would come up. I liked the Baker & Taylor cats and wondered if any others were out there. Up popped "Browser the Library Cat" a spitting image of my cat Missy - so site chosen!

more on Browser I think a VBPL mascot would be a fun way to connect with children and even adults in the community. Create a YouTube video series featuring the mascot and put it up on our website.

It could be a fun way to introduce a new library program or a summer reading club.

I also envision YouTube being used for training topics , library locations, and merchandising/marketing our collection -- there are lots of ways we could provide useful and fun YouTube videos!

I thought the cataloging video is an example of how we could use YouTube for training projects -- however the quality of the screen shots was poor. We would have to do better!! A video of this type could be created for Library Orientation to introduce new hires to the work of Support Services.

The "Browser" video was just plain fun! The "Cataloging" video is 1.0 revised to 2.0!! -- a "look at what used to be" parody that also shows what cataloging is today.

Additionally, I had provided a link to the "Librarian's Manifesto" to one of my earlier posts [that was all I knew how to do!] and now I updated that post with the embeddable player code which allows readers of my blog to actually play the "Librarian's Manifesto" -- I really am learning!!

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  1. I have lost many hours of sleep to the wonders of YouTube! Great videos and always good for a laugh :) --Heather CL


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