Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flickr Fun

This truly was fun!

Mappr: I had uploaded a picture to Flickr (the snake pic mentioned earlier)- I noticed that two other photos were tagged using my tags, so I got to see other pictures like mine! Then, I mapped this picture using the map feature in Flickr, so not only is the pic tagged it is also mapped!

Flickr Color Pickr: this was very interesting, I clicked on several different colors and found an array of various photos that shared that color -- an interesting way to sort photos, not by topic, but by the colors they share. It would make for an interesting poster!

Montagr: I explored my hometown, my college and some vacation spots I have visited. Tags really do bring a sense of community -- as I viewed these pictures I was fascinated by the sameness and the change that the photo mosaics captured.

And finally, I tried the Librarian Trading Card (I saved it on the CS site, sent it to my home), and uploaded it to Flickr -- and then chickened out when I made it private on Flickr.

Is anyone else in the Library 2.0 program still afraid of identifying yourself on the Internet? As cool as these things are I find I still have a sense of caution -- beware of what images of myself, or information I provide that may be used for identity theft or even internet stalking.

In any case even with the sense of caution I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. I found many new ways to share photos, create photo mementos and imagine all kinds of possibilities for Flickr.

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  1. I really liked these tools too, hard to believe that we get paid to do this stuff sometimes. Good posts, though you wrote way more than I did on many of them.



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