Friday, April 22, 2011

Retired and loving it!

I'm back!
I retired from Virginia Beach Public Library in 2010 and I am ready to once again blog about issues in the world of Libraries. My perceptions have changed as I am now looking at libraries from the outside looking in. Are libraries still relevant? Will we survive in this age of cutbacks and cutting corners? I intend to give my insights, rants, raves and love of libraries in this blog over the coming months and years.

I would like librarians of all types (including those employed as paraprofessionals, professionals, students in Library Science and Information Science programs, medical, corporate, private, legal, government city librarians, etc.) to challenge my posts and offer alternative ideas and even raise other issues!

I expect the intrinsic values of our profession will exist far into the future. The selection, organization, dissemination and retrieval of accurate information in logical, time-saving ways that harnesses technology and honors the right of all individuals to access uncensored information throughout the information spectrum will be valued by free citizens and envied by repressed citizens the world over. Long Live Librarianship!!

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  1. Look out world she is back!

    Maybe you could post some of our conversation?


My Journey from Libary 1.0 thinking to Library 2.0 action!

This will be a new beginning as I explore with you the concepts of Library 2.0 and how it can and should impact the way resources are cataloged!

Cataloging is...
Access to information
The structure that makes things findable
The keyring that holds all the keys together
The right tool for finding information