Monday, December 3, 2007

Add an entry to the VBPL Reader's Advisory wiki

I like the concept of the site, but it was hard to navigate through. I went to the Adult book list and couldn't get past the "Fiction" "Nonfiction" page -- it had no links to move beyond it.
I then went to the Staff Picks and added two titles, but evidently only saved one. The fiction title I added definitely showed up. I thought that was really cool to add a favorite title so that others can read it too! I then tried to add comments to the entry and got totally lost - I wanted to add the taglines there like I see one person had done and got nowhere. I think the tags will be important to build reading lists so maybe I will try again tomorrow with a fresh brain!

I think reading groups, the Summer Reading program, and other Reader's advisory groups can use Wikis effectively. A staff member who doesn't read in a particular genre can use a wiki to find current lists of the books in VBPL that appeal to that type of genre reader -- the customers can also use that list and contribute their own titles -- that opens the shelves to our customers!

I see wikis and Reader's Advisory as a perfect match!

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My Journey from Libary 1.0 thinking to Library 2.0 action!

This will be a new beginning as I explore with you the concepts of Library 2.0 and how it can and should impact the way resources are cataloged!

Cataloging is...
Access to information
The structure that makes things findable
The keyring that holds all the keys together
The right tool for finding information